Boring, Rainy Days

The weekend came and went pretty uneventfully. I wanted to go out and do things, since I’m finally out of the hospital, but I’m still not all that strong yet. I ended up going out for dinner Saturday night, but the rest of the time I stayed home. No need to risk damaging my leg in any way. But this is really a pretty boring situation to be in. 

I’ve started working more on my studying of Korean, which went on hiatus after my last surgery. Other than that, I’m just watching movies and staying indoors alone. I’m hoping to push myself a little more each day so I don’t go totally crazy being stuck at home, doing leg lifts to strengthen the broken leg.

On that front, my muscle is starting to return. My right leg is still thinner than the left one, but the difference is definitely smaller. I also crossed a barrier so that my leg doesn’t look like it is bald anymore. It isn’t back to normal, but the hair transitioned from “unnoticeable” to “noticeable” this weekend. 

My mental state is relatively good, especially in the mornings when I wake up, but at times I sink and feel like my leg won’t ever return to normal. Some kind of combination of loneliness, frustration and fear. Despite this, I feel stronger each day and my leg feels much healthier than it did before. I also have full range of motion in my toes again, meaning the ankle is the only thing that needs serious rehabilitation at this point. If it wasn’t in the cast and I wasn’t using crutches, I’d actually feel normal. While sitting here, typing this, I feel like how I did before the leg was broken in the first place. I think this is a good sign, but I’m no doctor. I’m hoping to slip out and watch a movie this weekend, if I’m feeling up for the trip. A little at a time, I guess, regardless of how mind-numbingly boring it all is. 

As an aside, the weather is terribly rainy, which makes me worry about my leg getting wet. While I hope for the rainy season to pass, I know that the month afterwards will be nothing but sweltering heat. When that comes, I’ll be back to wishing for the rainy season. 


~ by James on July 15, 2013.

One Response to “Boring, Rainy Days”

  1. Thanks for new blog…full of your thoughts an deep feelings physical an emotional. .all sounds normal from where you have been…know days are long but look how time went when you had what looked like a tomatoe cage around your leg! It all sounds positive an i am encouraged. Keep it going. Look forward to next update…Gmom

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