Solving Problems

Well, yesterday was a pretty wild day. I woke up early and went to Yeonsu in order to have a job interview at the school that I mentioned before. The school provided a pretty substantial amount of evidence that the problem was that one teacher and I felt more confident about signing a contract. I was offered a contract and since they are looking for a teacher ASAP, I was told I could start on Monday and I would have an apartment on Friday. So I put off signing the contract so I could speak to a few more teachers who completed their contracts, just to be doubly sure. And I set off for my old workplace to get my documents I need to start the job. 

When I arrived, the boss was astonished at how much better I looked compared to when I was in the hospital. She said that my condition seemed considerably better than she thought. So she offered for me to return to my old position, but I wouldn’t need to teach for the next three weeks or so. She’s decided to offer me time to recover before I go right back into teaching and I could of course return to living in my old apartment. 

I was a bit excited about moving to Yeonsu, but then I decided to go ahead and return to my old school. The Yeonsu job would probably be easier than my old one, but this way I get more time to recover and I can work with my old co-workers. Then I’m not gambling with this other school either. I think that’s a better deal. That solves my homelessness issue pretty briskly and I don’t have to travel a far distance from Bupyeong, which is the area of the city I’ve always thought of as home. 

I felt a bit bad about the other school’s manager, since we spent a lot of time together in the interview and it really seemed like a sure thing for him.  Now he’s stuck hunting a new teacher. But this seems like the best plan for taking care of my leg and I will get to stay with the co-workers I already know I like. 

It was actually a difficult decision, but I don’t feel like gambling while my health is in the state that it is in. Additionally, I’ll be given time to heal, which will be better for me. 

Today I found that I had pushed myself a bit hard. I woke up with sore muscles and really tired, but I hadn’t slept long enough, so I went back to sleep. After a few more hours of sleep, I woke up feeling better, but still a little rundown. I think yesterday I pushed myself to the limit and the rainy weather today is also taking a toll. Presently, my boss wants me to come in for a couple hours a day to get used to the school again and see students, but I’m not teaching yet. It’s a little awkward feeling, since I’m currently sitting at my desk typing this while my co-workers are all teaching. After class I’ll stand up and mingle with the students, but then I’ll be back to doing nothing. I guess it is just part of the transition. 


~ by James on July 10, 2013.

One Response to “Solving Problems”

  1. Congratulations. That happened. Fast could not happen to better guy…take care

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