Free at last!

Well, I’m free. The weekend was long and difficult. I’ve been anxious. This morning I got a cast and was given care instructions in Korean, which I am quite pleased I could understand. My former co-worker and friend helped me get back to my old apartment where my belongings are. I took a long, but careful shower, then got a haircut. I’m now working on job hunting, but as it was the first time I got a job in Korea, it’s a little nerve-wracking. I’m currently looking at a school, but there’s a bit of a problem with it. It sounds like a good, solid job, but the guy I would be replacing is leaving on bad terms. According to him, he was fired so he wouldn’t get his end of contract bonus, while according to the school, he was fired for misconduct. The foreigner community are backing the foreigner who was fired, while an agent is discussing the job with me to sell me on it. Obviously, one of them isn’t telling the truth. 

The story of a fired foreigner trying to get revenge isn’t weird or shocking at all. But the story of a foreigner fired to avoid giving him a bonus is also not at all unusual. So naturally, it could go either way. Because I’m a shrewd person, I’ve grown skeptical. Because I’m a homeless person, I’m not giving up on the job outright. I’ve requested the school provide contact information for a current employee and one that finished their contract so I can have a chance to talk to them. If they have several happy workers or people who completed contracts successfully, then it isn’t a problem. 

If they don’t, I might have to give up on that job, unfortunately. I’ve had bad luck this year. I don’t need any more. 



~ by James on July 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “Free at last!”

  1. I hope you get the job, mate!

  2. I’m also an English teacher here in Korea, and I wanted to say Congratulations to being released from the hospital!!
    Also, for you to be extremely careful before you accept anything. I’m currently in a bad situation at my school and it’s absolutely miserable.
    Talk to the foreign teachers, definitely, but also remember that they can’t tell you the whole truth usually because they can get in trouble with their boss if a potential hire isn’t interested anymore after talking with them.

    Good luck!! You’re inspiring! And congratulations, again!

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