It’s actually a melancholy feeling. I’ll be leaving the hospital soon and the time is counting down. This morning I woke up when the old women were bringing around breakfast. Usually I eat and return to sleep quickly, desperately attempting to return to my dreams. This morning, I ate my “hotdog sandwich”, one of many strange “western” options the hospital has, most of which the lunchladies have demonstrated a distinct lack of understanding of. I do applaud them trying. My last hospital gave me rice and kimchi early in the morning, which I have trouble stomaching at that hour, even though in general I love Korean food. Afterwards, my coffee, earlier than usual, and my red ginseng tonic. Before my injury, I drank at least one dose of the tonic each afternoon at work before starting my preparations. In the hospital, I drink it daily when a friend has been kind enough to bring me a box of bottles. This is one of my last tonics and is of a more expensive brand than I usually drink.

Fairly early I was visited by a banker and the financial guy from the hospital. Squaring away my insurance and my finances. In Korea, it is illegal to leave a hospital without paying. It isn’t like the US, where you’d just get billed down the line. However, the rates are much lower and nothing is inflated like US healthcare. Regardless, I’ve racked up a large bill in my 114 day stay and the course of my three surgeries (at this hospital).

Digging and struggling, I’ve secured a bed for Monday (in my old apartment) and I can stay on a friend’s couch for up to a week, giving me eight days of shelter. My Visa is still sponsored and protected by my old employer until next year, so I shouldn’t have trouble on that front. That just leaves job hunting. I’ve got potentially two interviews on Tuesday, although that isn’t set in stone. One is for a job that sounds quite good, but would have me moving a bit to the west. Puts me a little farther from Seoul, but it’s a small sacrifice. I’ve started the process of assembling the paperwork for the University position in the south, even though the location is even worse. Unfortunately, my old University in the states has made transcripts hard to obtain (even just unofficial ones) without a formal request, which is difficult to fulfill with my limited means here in the hospital. I’ve decided to move forward with it on Monday. 

I’ll try to keep posting, although I may disappear for a bit. Since I suspect I’ll be spending a lot of time in Cafes, stealing wifi and a place to be, I should be able to keep updating. 


~ by James on July 5, 2013.

One Response to “Vigilance”

  1. James so glad to see you are doing blog…its good way to stay connected to you.keep the faith ..stay strong.take each day as it comes will finally work around. Looks like you will have some bumps on the way…i am so proud of you.we are fine …G mom

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