Happy Things

While the last post was a bit heavy, this one will be pretty light and airy.

As….people….may know? Actually… let’s try that again. I go to Culcom, which is a language exchange cafe. I’ve been going there pretty regularly since I got my phone and I’ve made numerous friends there. I’ve also learned a fair amount of Korean and I haven’t paid anything for it, which is fantastic. Anyway, a week or so after starting there, the manager’s cat appeared. Nabi is her name. Now, I’m allergic to cats, so I was rather concerned with Nabi’s presence, but for some reason I have no reaction unless I pick up and play with Nabi, so she must have less dander than most cats or something.

Anyway, Nabi got pretty annoying the first few weeks I encountered her because she was in heat. Always wandering around making that weird, mournful cat sound that cats in heat normally make.

And then she stopped.

And then she started getting huge. Nabi became pregnant. Last week, it looked like a furry bowling ball had been taped to the poor animal. I was afraid she was going to explode before she managed to come to term. And then, this week….. Well…. This happened:


Actually, eight of those happened. There is a huge pile of kittens now. Nabi looks deflated and wanders the cafe aimlessly when she isn’t feeding the kittens. Even though I’m allergic, I couldn’t help but pick one up and take pictures with it. They’re small and adorable. I was worried that the cats would grow up and there would be 9 cats wandering the cafe, making it impossible for me to study there with my allergies, but I’ve been told they’ll be sold/given away after they get a bit bigger and healthier.

For me, seeing these tiny kittens was a highlight of my day, but when I got to work and showed the photos, no one was really that impressed. Maybe you just have to see them in person.

I also got a fan from one of my co-teachers, Annie. Her mother hand-painted the design on it. Having the fan is pretty helpful since it has gotten so much hotter these days.



~ by James on June 21, 2012.

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