Death (but not mine)

Well, there has been a notable absence of blog posts coming from me, but it isn’t because of me being too busy, or because I’m not doing interesting things. Something else occurred. Maybe a week and a half ago I was on my computer when I noticed something strange. I was plugged into a wall outlet, but my computer said it only had 3 hours of battery left. I thought that was a bit strange, so I checked the light on the magnetic charger that was plugged into the side of my machine. 

No light.

So I followed the cable. Surely it just came unplugged or something like that. No such luck. When I got to the square box on the charger, it had turned from white (although scratched and worn from years of use) into a faint grey color with black streaks. Apparently it burned up from the inside. I was glad it didn’t cause a fire or anything, but that also meant I only had three hours until my computer would go to sleep and then I would be without a machine until I could replace the cable. I quickly attempted to locate an Apple store in Korea. I didn’t have a lot of luck, but I found a few locations.

So that Friday at work I had no machine. Friday night I went on a bit of an adventure with some friends and got home really late. On Saturday I went looking for an Apple store, but couldn’t find it. On Sunday, I remained at my apartment to greet our new coworker who just arrived. Then from Monday until Thursday I had language exchange and work, meaning I had no time to go after the cable. And then on Friday I had to be at work real early for a business outing. It wasn’t until yesterday that I got a chance to go get a cable.

I decided it wasn’t worth it to attempt to find an Apple store. I enjoy going to Yongsan and visiting the I Park Mall there. There are about 5 floors of computer parts, a huge bookstore, plenty of food options, and plenty of clothing options including a really massive Uniqlo. I knew that with 5 floors of computer stores, there had to be at least one that sold a magsafe power adaptor. On the third floor I found a guy that sold Apple machines and asked him where I could find a charger. He pointed me to a store a little farther down that had all kinds of Apple accessories. I finally found the part I needed, although I was rather shocked by the price. I wasn’t ripped off, the guy sold it to me for the same price it is sold online at the apple store, but I still had to pay nearly a hundred dollars for the damn cable. 

I’ll be updating again soon with another article that is more interesting, but I wanted to at least put this up there. I know I have family that read this blog and my absence make make it seem like I’ve died. In this case, I haven’t, but my machine had for a bit. 

Let’s get back to the regularly scheduled programming. 


~ by James on May 27, 2012.

One Response to “Death (but not mine)”

  1. Glad you are okay. Everything is an adventure.

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