An Explanation of Absence.

Well, as you noticed, I haven’t posted in a while. There are two basic reasons for this. I’ve been alternating between being “to busy to write” and “not in the mood to write”. For the most part, I’ve felt like I have less to say from the point of view of a travel blog these days. I haven’t quite been “seeing the sights” as much as I was when I first arrived.

That’s how I’ve felt, but it isn’t terribly accurate. Basically, while I used to be a stranger in a strange land, I’m now pretty comfortable. I’m learning Korean, slowly but steadily. I have a lot of friends (almost all of them are Korean) and some of them possess personalities like the groups I used to hang out with in the States. I spend time with friends a lot. Hiking, shopping, eating, studying, etc. It isn’t really the kind of stuff I can do a whole write up on is how I generally feel, as my life has more or less settled into a life. One not radically different from when I was in the States, but considerably less miserable.

But that may be because I’ve grown desensitized by my own adventurous nature. Since my last post, I went on my first Korean hike, I met an ex-gangster called “The King of the Night”, I’ve visited a booking club, eaten a live octopus, eaten a live sea cucumber, eaten a sea squirt, eaten chicken feet, eaten pigs feet, met another bar owner, met an opera singer, eaten silk worm cocoons or possibly larva, been to a noraebang a few time, learned to approach and flirt with girls who can’t speak my language, been in one of the hottest clubs in Seoul, eaten a hamburger from a guy on the street after being out until 6am while with a good friend of mine (this happened twice), eaten some kind of chicken soup that contained a house raised chicken that required me to take drugs before eating it to prevent an allergic reaction of some kind, and I also got a date with one of the most beautiful girls I think I have ever seen.

Looking back, I’ve been on some wild rides. I always have the intention to write, but I spend 11 hours a day doing school related stuff, Monday until Thursday (8 hours are at work, 3 hours are casual study and language exchange). Add in the time it takes to eat and shower and ride buses, I have almost no time to write on those days. On Friday, I usually sleep in, then workout for an hour before I go to work. That night I usually go out with friends. Then the weekend starts and becomes a non-stop roller coaster.

This weekend will probably be more relaxed. I either won’t go out Friday, or it will be an abbreviated night since I need to be in good condition on Saturday. I’m thinking Saturday I may go see a movie and then my date starts at 6pm. I should have time to tell the tale of one of my adventures either Friday morning or Saturday morning.

The only possible difficulty I foresee is a recent lethargy that has befallen me and my co-workers. I definitely don’t feel sick, but I have no appetite and I’m a bit worn out . I felt fantastic on Monday, but as the week continues I feel burnt out. I think it is either the changing season, or it is because I’m looking forward to the weekend so much. I usually look forward to the week as well since I enjoy my Korean studies and spending time with my study group so much, but this time I just can’t wait for Saturday….


~ by James on May 9, 2012.

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