SK Wyverns in Munhak Stadium

I’m not much of a sports fan. That being said, I like the idea of baseball. I want to like baseball, but to me, there is a huge barrier of entry. So many stats to keep up with, so many teams, so many players. And then there is the steroid abuse. There seems to be a lot of factors that make it pretty hard for me to get into baseball in the states. I would occasionally watch a game, but it wasn’t something I could follow. And I do find watching baseball more entertaining than, for example, American Football, which I simply can’t see the appeal.

Here is Korea, my chances to like baseball are greatly increased. There are less teams for me to keep track of here, no steroid abuse, and I can easily go to the games. I wanted to see a Korean baseball game after I arrived, so when I was invited by a new friend to go to one, I jumped at the chance. One of the things about Korean baseball that is a little strange and off-putting is that the teams are not directly tied to a location like they are in the US (Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox) but rather overtly owned by a corporation. For Incheon, the team is SK Wyverns, owned by Telecommunications giant SK. The game last Sunday was SK Wyverns versus Hanwha Eagles in Munhak Stadium, which is Incheon’s stadium.

The group I went with had about 16 people in it, and we had booked tickets at a picnic table in the stadium. In the outfield, there were several rows of tables, and we had two of those. The tickets cost about 12,000 Won and we really had a pretty good view (much better than I remember having when I saw the Braves) and we also had plenty of room to place pizzas, chicken and beer. We drank a bit and watched the game and talked. I met some new people and it was a nice relaxed experience. I also saw a member of Hanwha’s team run into the wall and knock himself unconscious, which was kind of interesting. Of course, SK won, which was nice, but we were mostly there to hang out with each other on a nice day. I have another friend who is a major fan of SK, so I’m interested in going with her to the stadium to see how different the experience is.

I definitely want to go again, but I kind of think it won’t be as fun once it gets well into the summer and it gets very hot outside. It was a nice day on Sunday, not too hot and not too cold, but the sun was still kind of beating down on us. On a very hot day, my desire to be comfortable will probably beat my desire to watch a game of baseball. I guess we’ll just have to see.


~ by James on April 23, 2012.

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