“You’re my lucky guy”

I meant to post this weekend, but I got wrapped up in what I had to do today, so I forgot. I’ll update….soon. For now, a mini-update. I got my bank account and phone sorted, for the most part. Both went without a hitch, compared to what I’ve heard from other foreigners. I got a check card immediately without having to wait, I got stuff for online and mobile banking, and a bankbook. No hassle and it just took a few minutes. Pretty cool. As for the phone…not as easy, but not bad. I went to the KT Olleh global store in Jongno, but the English speaking girl wasn’t there, so I came back on Monday. I got a phone with unlimited data, which was something I never had while in the states.

I’m planning to type up a full fledged post tomorrow about what I’ve been up to, but I’ll give you a small anecdote in the mean time. Close to my school is a chain restaurant called Hansot. Someone had suggested that I try eating there, so I went in. I could also see they have big pictures of the food, which helps since my Korean is pretty weak. I was surprised when the owner greeted me with great English. The food was good and incredibly cheap, so I added it to the restaurants that I visit during work. I usually get a at least one 45 minute break during the day, so I’ll usually eat a meal. I usually try out new places on Friday when I have the most time, and if I can eat there quick enough, I add it to my “rotation”. I now go to Hansot about once or twice a week.

Anyway, through conversations with this guy, I’ve found out he’s fairly unusual. He used to work for a large company that did some kind of manufacturing, but he disliked meeting new people and constantly keeping up appearances, so he quit and now owns this store. He had explained that he was unhappy with his old job, but he wasn’t considerably happier at Hansot. He learned English when he was in Europe. He said he was stranded there with no money for over a month so he needed it to survive. It sounds like he has a lot of interesting stories and isn’t your usual franchise owner.

Anyway, earlier this week, when I went in, I ordered my food and then stood around. There was a couple middle school girls there. While I was waiting for my food, a few guys came in. Then a group of four girls. Then a group of three more girls. The owner laughed and looked at me and said, “You’re my lucky guy. Every time you eat here, lots of customers come in after you. Thank you,”

When the newest group of girls heard him speaking English they looked shocked. And then they turned towards me and said, “Hello, how are you?”

I said, “I’m doing well, how are you?”

One of the girls said, “Oh, I’m so hungry,”

A different one said, “You’re such a handsome man,”

I said, “Oh, thank you,” and I laughed. They continued to flirt with me until I had my food and I left. It was flattering, but they were also middle school students. If they were University students, it would have been much more flattering.

On my way back to the school, I found a 500 won coin at the cross walk. I definitely felt like a lucky guy.


~ by James on March 23, 2012.

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