The Final Week in America: Valentines

Well, I’m still waiting on my visa to arrive, but this is still within expected perimeters, so I’m not terribly concerned about it right now. But it is odd that I’m sitting around and waiting on this document, yet I’ll be in Korea in only 4 days or so. Crazy.

Monday I went and saw my grandparents. I spent some time with them and then went out and took care of errands. Got a refund from USPS for the rerouting problem with my visa documents from last week. We also ate at Anaba, so I got a chance to see my former co-workers.

This is the inside of Anaba. I actually took this picture before last monday, but I know entries with pictures are a lot more entertaining.

We had a pretty good meal, and I got to try some Ika Shiokara. I’d say it must be an acquired taste. It was very strong and not what I was expecting. I might try it again in a different setting, perhaps with something to cussion the impact of the flavor a bit. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of the Shiokara, I usually photograph everything I eat, but this time, I didn’t have my camera with me. Next time, maybe.

Tuesday I slept pretty late. That was, of course, Valentine’s day. Being single, it makes it a bit of a less exciting day, although being single will make my move to Korea easier. I did hang out with some of my lovely single lady friends. Ended up being a pretty awesome night. I did a bit of drinking at home with the lovely Mykal, then went out with the lovely Erica. We were supposed to go to some jazz club, but we had a hard time finding it. Eventually we gave up and went to one of my favorite places, Union Jack. All in all a good night.

Remaining days in America (estimation): 4


~ by James on February 15, 2012.

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