Redtape Nightmare II: Rerouting Boogaloo

So my Visa issuance number arrived Monday (Korean time). This means I needed to complete a couple more immigrant worksheets (Visa application, another health statement, consul checklist) and gather up a few more items (college transcript, passport photos, passport, resume, employment contract) and send the whole kit and caboodle over to the consulate with 45 dollars. 

As you probably know, if you know me in person, or read my last entries, I’m currently traveling and visiting with my father before I leave, and I’m currently in Ohio. My consulate is in Atlanta. My mother in Tennessee has my transcript and passport photos. So I decided, the best way to handle this situation, is to overnight my passport and documents to my mother, who would add the other required documents, and then overnight that to the Consulate General, who could then begin processing my documents before I can make it back to Tennessee. My school in Korea wants me ASAP, so it seemed like a pretty decent idea. 

It was a fucking terrible idea.

I mailed my documents on Monday at 2pm. I was told it was guaranteed to arrive in Tennessee by Noon the next day (yesterday). Yesterday came, and with it came the absolute terror that my package (and thus a pile of personal information as well as my passport) could be lost. I went to sleep with the fear that everything could me lost, which would result in me either losing the job, or paying around 500 dollars to expedite a replacement passport to me in time to still make things work. 

Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The package has turned up. This morning it was in New York at a sorting facility. It somehow ended up on the wrong truck and was taken in the absolute wrong direction. I was told it should be at the real destination by tomorrow. USPS apologized for the error, but more in a “it can’t be helped” kind-of-way.

That means it arrives on Thursday. The same night I’m flying to Tennessee. I could have simply held onto the documents and hand delivered them and not had to go through all the misery and frustration. I was willing to pay the extra money to get the documents sent so they could get done faster, but instead all I got was heartburn and frustration. 

Pro-tip: Only send things by Fed-Ex. Or deliver it by hand. At least you only have yourself to blame then.

Remaining days in America: Unknown (currently estimated at 9)


~ by James on February 8, 2012.

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