La Tour CN, Steam Whistle, and ROM

Well, this is day two of my stay in Canada. I’d give this post a better title, but honestly, I’m too tired at the moment. So lets get right to this.

First stop was one of the 7 modern wonders of the world, La Tour CN. Or the CN Tower. I just want to use my French knowledge for something. The original plan was to eat lunch at the 360 Restaurant, the highest revolving restaurant in the world, but they don’t serve lunch in February. There are negatives to traveling out of season. On the way there, I had one interesting encounter: Canadian Subways. I love subways. I love buying tickets and figuring out routes. I’m sure people who live in cities with good public transportation are probably unimpressed, but I love it. Anyway, the Canadian subway was different from my experience in Japan. Trips were a flat-rate instead of by distance, and the doors shut very quickly. Quickly as in my Dad got on the train and as I got onto it the door slammed on my body. It was tough to squeeze onto the subway and it hardly gave the passengers enough time to get on or off. Not at all what I expected.

Anyway, back to CN Tower. Not a lot to say about it actually. The tower is tall, 3rd tallest tower now that the Sky Tree got tipped off. From the base, it really didn’t look that tall, but as soon as I got to the observation deck, it was obvious it was much taller than the Tokyo Tower, which was the only other tower I’ve been up. It had a glass floor, like Tokyo Tower, as well as some gimmicky tourist stuff, which I passed on. I did go to the Sky Pod, which is the highest observation deck on Earth, and the view was amazing, but it isn’t really something that I can explain to a third party very well. As amazing as it was, and as unique of an experience as it was, I actually had more fun at the other two places I went.

This was the view from the tower. If you go to Toronto, I definitely recommend seeing it.

If you’re interested in hearing about the other stuff I saw today, you’ll need to continue after the break.

The next place we went to was the Steam Whistle Brewery, which was literally across the street from the CN Tower. The moment I went in a friendly guy about my age immediately poured me a sample of beer. He explained the tour cost. It cost 10 dollars to get the tour, which took 30 or 45 minutes, and we got a Steam Whistle pint glass, several more samples of beer, and a bottle off the line to drink while we continued the tour. Steam Whistle Brewery was a neat historic site, the people there were incredibly nice, and we got to drink a decent amount of beer. If I lived in Toronto, I’d be drinking their beer all the time. I got a lot more bang for my buck at the Steam Whistle Brewery. If you make a trip to CN, definately make a stop at Steam Whistle Brewery. Those guys are awesome.

Some great Canadian Beer. I love this place.

The last place we went was the Royal Ontario Museum. If you happen to visit Toronto, and you’re here  longer than I am, give a whole day to the ROM. I spent 3.5 hours in the Royal Ontario Museum, and I still missed out on a ton of exhibits. I even traveled through pretty quickly, but I’d say I only saw about 60% of the stuff in the museum.

The outside of ROM. Looks like an old school museum had a Borg cube crash into the front of it

The Royal Ontario Museum was built in 1912, but in 2007, nearly a century later, a new addition was built onto the building called the Crystal. It’s modern and futuristic, and it is just attached to the old building. That makes the architecture of the building strange and the maps are freaky looking. It was easy to get lost in the building, and there were rows and rows of display cases in every hall. I would recommend spending an entire day in the ROM. If I lived in Toronto, I’d become a member and go all the time.

Here you can see the "seams" between the modern Crystal Building and the original Facade.

I think when I have more time, I’ll write another post with some more pictures talking about some of the stuff I saw in ROM. There were exhibits devoted to virtually any subject you can imagine. It was easily the coolest museum I’ve ever been in. Toronto is a pretty cool place. I’m disappointed that I’ll be heading out tomorrow.


~ by James on February 4, 2012.

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